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Pictures, Songs and Miscellaneous


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We record fly songs with a custom built set up, as described in Arthur et al. 2013, BMC Biology,

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Interested in Neuroscience, Animal Behaviour and Drosophila Genetics?

We have projects for exchange interns (Movieta, Swiss-European Mobility Programme, SEMP grants), Bachelor and Master students available!

Contact: Anne Philipsborn, anne.vonphilipsborn(at)

Twitter: PhilipsbornLab, @PhilipsbornL

Website at the University of Fribourg:

Mail address:

Philipsborn lab, University of Fribourg

Chemin du Musée 14, Building PER02

CH-1700 Fribourg


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  • H. Amin, S.S. Nolte, B. Swain and A.C. von Philipsborn (2023); GABAergic signaling shapes multiple aspects of Drosophila courtship motor behavior. bioRxiv 2023.01.24.525304; doi:

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Anne’s papers before establishment of the lab:

  • A.C. von Philipsborn, T. Liu, J.Y. Yu, C. Masser, S.S. Bidaye and B.J. Dickson (2011); Neuronal control of Drosophila courtship song. Neuron, 69(3): 509-522. DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2018.06.038
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  • S. Lang1, A.C. von Philipsborn1, A. Bernard, F. Bonhoeffer and M. Bastmeyer (2008); Growth cone response to ephrin gradients produced by microfluidic networks. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2008, 390(3): 809-816. (1shared first authorship) DOI: 10.1007/s00216-007-1363-3
  • A.C. von Philipsborn, S. Lang, Z. Jiang, F. Bonhoeffer and M. Bastmeyer (2007); Substrate-bound protein gradients for cell culture fabricated by microfluidic networks and microcontact printing. Science STKE, 414:pI6. DOI: 10.1126/stke.4142007pl6
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  • A.C. von Philipsborn, A. Ferrer-Vaquer, E. Rivera-Milla, C.A.O. Stuermer, E. Malaga-Trillo (2005); Restricted expression of reggie genes and proteins during early zebrafish development. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 482:257-72. DOI: 10.1002/cne.20423

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Anne C. von Philipsborn


I did a PhD in Germany and a postdoc at the IMP in Vienna, Austria. In 2014, I joined DANDRITE, the Danish Institute of Translational Neuroscience, at Aarhus University and established the lab. In February 2022, we moved to the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, where I am currently a full professor at the Faculty of Science and Medicine.


Lina Verbakel



Martin Bernet

PhD Student


Laurence Clément

Laboratory Technician


Valérie Salicio

Laboratory Technician


Malou Niada

Bachelor Student


Vladimir Trajanovikj

PhD Student


Valeria Panariello

PhD Student


Sabina Avosani



Bijayalaxmi Swain, PhD student (now Aarhus University)

Peter Kerwin, PhD student

Angelos Roupas, Erasmus Plus Student (now Cell Therapy Technician, Kite Pharma)

Jens Lindengren Andersen, Bachelor Student

Kawtar Cherkaoui, Research Intern (now Aarhus University)

Sean Hansen, Student Help (now PhD student Aarhus University)

Per Rosing Mogensen, IT Employee

Anna Prudnikova, Laboratory Technician (now Biomedicine, Aarhus University)

Julia Döring, Erasmus Plus Student

Hanna Grzesik, Erasmus Plus Student

Martyna Bączek, Erasmus Plus Student

Kawtar Cherkaoui, Erasmus Student

Baptiste Bertagne, Erasmus Student

Stella Nolte, Postdoc (now Biomedicine, Aarhus University)

Bárður Eyjólfsson Ellendersen, PhD Student (now Viminco, Denmark)

Angela O’Sullivan, PhD Student (now Eli Lilly, Cork, Ireland)

Francesca Barbieri, Erasmus Student

Jiasheng Yuan, Research Assistant

Volker Berendes, Postdoc (now University Bielefeld, Germany)

Hoger Amin, Master Student (now University of Sheffield, UK)

Begoña López Arias, Postdoc

Yanan Zhang, Erasmus Student

Andreas Brydenfelt Wulff, Intern (now University of Maryland, Baltimore, US)

Mateusz Kostecki, summer Intern (now Nencki Institute, Warsaw, Poland)

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